Friday, May 4


...was fabulous. It was everything you could expect. Pubs, football, friendly locals, castles, stone buildings and dainty little flowers. It felt very comfortable, like home. Thanks to Sara and Hayden for helping it feel so welcoming.

Things have been busy here in Philly otherwise. Nothing too hectic, just nice and busy. We prefer not to talk about baseball anymore. But hey! Rowing season is just around the corner! Look for me in the following places:

NACA Regatta Schedule
Philly June 16
Pittsburgh July 7
Columbus July 28
Boston Septermber 1
Albany September 22
Annapolis October 6

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Tuesday, February 20

Philly: Spring Training

And suddenly there's hope, if a bit cynical, but isn't that the Philly way?

Now there was a time (and not during the Rutherford B. Hayes administration, either) when there was a better chance of a Phillies player quitting baseball to join the Mummers than there was of one of them uttering an earth-rattling quote like that one. --Jason Stark, ESPN

"I've been picking the Phillies for three years," the GM said. "I really like that team. Howard and Utley are unbelievable. Jimmy Rollins is a really good player. They've got the best rotation in the division. Like I said, I've been picking them for the last three years. I've got to be right one of these years, don't I?" --Jason Stark, ESPN

Sunday, January 28

Philly: The Return

I'd rather be surfing.

Brasil: January 2007

Brasil was nice. It was 90F. I surfed, I swam, I enjoyed.

Wednesday, November 1

Halloween 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

(and yes, we did scare the little kids... mwahahaha)

Tuesday, October 24

Happy Halloween!!!

Like my pumpkin?

Wednesday, September 20

Philly: Sept 20

I have moved! ...again.

This time to my own apartment!!! Ok, so it's small and just barely qualifies as a one-bedroom, but it's clean and almost exactly what I imagined. I even get morning light coming in the windows. What more can I ask for? Money to help pay rent? Whatever, everyone can always use just a bit more money than they have. I'll manage.

I am about to become an Ikea/Target/Bed Bath and Beyond fanatic. Thankfully, I know that I don't have enough money to waste on every little knick knack, so I think I won't become too obsessed.

Now, to pack and move for the second time in one month - hooray! (ugh)

Wednesday, August 16

Philly: Aug 14

I have moved. Still in Fishtown though. Closer to Murph's!
I am now living in the basement of the house of the mother of the girl who owned the house I used to live in... you still with me? There are 8 other people in the house? I lose track after about 6. But they're all terribly sweet and accomodating.

Especially Josh, the 10-year-old. He helped me move stuff out of the basement and move my stuff in. He was too cute as he tried to carry four plastic chairs up the stairs, one step at a time. I didn't want to take them from him and immasculate him, so I tried not to laugh outloud as I sat back and watched. I'm of the belief that the only way to make a kid strong and confident is to let them struggle. At least that way they can be proud of their accomplishments.

I managed to complete the move (with some help) in about 3 hours. I would have taken longer (2 days?) but the gas was shut off prematurely in the house I was in so I moved 3 weeks earlier than I expected. So not ready for this! But I think it will work out rather well. It's a work-in-progress.

New York: Aug 13

Spent a weekend eating and drinking with Frank. Yet another convert to the wonderful world of fine beers:

Burp Castle
Standing Bar
Greenwich Village Bar (on 6th Ave at Bleeker)
Zum Schneider

It was nice to share my haunting spots with someone who's never been to New York before, but we both agreed that we're more than happy to be in Philly.

It was good to see Sara again, as always. I'm now planning a trip to Scotland in the spring! *drool*

Monday, June 19

Chicago: day 6

Do I have to go already?
Walking around Lincoln Park with Reid yesterday, felt like I had been here forever. I guess it's because I have spent so much time here in the past, that Chicago is just a very comfortable place for me. It was the first place (I don't count the Grinnell bubble that was college) that I was living on my own, so perhaps that has a lot to do with it.

For those of you who were concerned about my enthusiasm for Chicago, I do miss Philly. It's just nice to revisit a place and find that it's just as great as before. At least I can acknowledge that while Chicago's great in the summer with all the street festivals and outdoor concerts, I am fully aware of the downsides of living here.

#1 Winter. That's a big one. Brrr! And it's not the fun, pretty kind you get up in Quebec.
#2 No ocean. Yeah, Lake Michigan, blah blah. Would you really go swimming in that? Granted, I have, but it takes a lot of hot weather and denial to willingly set foot in that muck. Besides, there aren't any waves. I'm talking above your knees. Storm-induced waves don't count!
#3 It's so big! The city, I mean. Literally, the buildings are huge! and the blocks are looong. 8 blocks here are a mile. 20 blocks in NYC are a mile. Dunno what it is in Philly, but I'm pretty sure it's similar to the scale of NYC.
#4 Cubs wingle game tickets were sold out the weekend they went on sale! And it's not even Cubs fans going to the game, as Reid put it. It's Wrigley fans. argh.

So in summary, yes, I will be on the plane back to Philly this afternoon. But the travel bug has bit me hard. So if anyone wants to take a weekend or overnight trip somewhere...

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